Above: Jebel Ali Free Zone. (read more)

As the world's leading legal and policy consulting firm for special economic zones and free ports, Locus Economica works hard to position its clients' zones programs amongst the best in the world.  

Global investors have more options than ever today. To attract these investors, countries must offer world-class, globally competitive business environments. At the same time, they must ensure that they not only attract, but retain, investment and leverage it to catalyze regional development. 

When political or financial obstacles stand in the way of a country's progress, zones can be instrumental in overcoming those obstacles. Through a zone, a country can pilot beneficial reforms that are stalled nationwide. They also help concentrate economic development in optimal areas of a country.


Since the start of the modern zones era 70 years ago, zones now come in a variety of forms and labels--from free ports to free trade zones, special economic zones to export processing zones, high-tech zones to industrial estates, foreign trade zones to maquiladoras, and more. Locus Economica helps countries understand this ever-evolving landscape to determine which zone policies are right for them.

Locus Economica enables countries to unlock their potential with full-service, on-the-ground legal and policy advise for zones programs. Provided at left are just a few of the services we've provided to clients, with links to recent examples of projects involving each.