Above: Plans for Bangladesh's Kaliakoir Hi-Tech Park by Summit Technopolis

Structuring Zone Institutions and Operations to Position Zones Programs for Success

The strength of a zones program often lies in its institutions – both public and private sector and their cross functioning. Locus Economica helps countries lay a strong institutional and operational foundation by:

  • Defining responsibilities and optimizing relationships for zone developers, operators, and promoters; 
  • Structuring public-private partnership arrangements;
  • Studying best practices and developing case studies of zone institutions drawn from similar contexts;
  • Designing strategies for involving the private-sector in zone ownership, development, and management;
  • Providing guidance on the procurement process;
  • Developing the capacity of zones regulators;
  • Drafting standard operating procedures and forms for zones developers; and
  • Strengthening socio-environmental compliance mechanisms.

Representative Project Experience