Stimulating Job Growth and Poverty Reduction through the Maluku Special Economic Zone, DRC

In 2014, Locus Economica undertook two assignments to advise the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) through the International Finance Corporation (IFC) on the feasibility of implementing an SEZ program in its country.  Our assistance consisted of recommendations on the establishment of a secure legal framework for private-sector investment in the DRC and included drafting a new SEZ law.

The DRC has sought to establish Kintech, a privately managed SEZ near Kinshasa, to create jobs and alleviate poverty in the region by lowering the cost of goods and services through increased competition between suppliers.  The SEZ would help circumvent inefficient and corrupt procedures and practices and pilot models for reform in service provision, administrative procedures, and the labor regime.  Kintech is expected to generate US$80 million in investment and create 1,500 direct jobs.

The DRC's new SEZ Law was passed with the assistance of Locus Economica in July 2014. See the promulgated law here, and updates a 2016 update on the DRC's progress here. For more information on the DRC's request for assistance from the IFC and the IFC's efforts on SEZ development, view this 2010 Progress Report.