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Drafting Laws and Regulations for Special Economic Zones Programs

Locus Economica believes that good zones laws draw from the lessons of international experience and adapt those lessons to the country’s specific legal, political, economic, and cultural contexts and priorities. Driven by this belief, Locus Economica’s team of legislative experts leverages its knowledge of best-practice legal provisions and creatively applies them to draft acts and implementing regulations. Working closely with parliamentarians, senior government advisors, ministers, and local counsel, we also revise drafts, recommend alternatives, and help build political consensus—sticking with our clients through the entire legislative process.

We have drafted laws and regulations covering a full range of issues for zones, including:

  • Zone designation;
  • Zone development, operation and procurement;
  • Zone administration and one-stop-shop services;
  • Registration and licensing for zones residents and enterprises;
  • Land use regulation;
  • Environmental regulation;
  • Immigration/expatriate regulation;
  • Foreign investment;
  • Labor regulation;
  • Customs regulation and procedures;
  • Tax administration; and
  • Investor-state dispute resolution mechanisms.

Read EY's analysis of Kenya's 2015 SEZ Act, which we drafted as part of a World Bank technical assistance project.