Continuing Guidance on the Lao SEZ Bill

Locus Economica deepened its advisory work for Lao PDR in 2017 by advising on a parliamentary brief for the SEZ Bill for The Asia Foundation. We supplied inputs on:

  • The nature and purpose of SEZs
  • The rationale for giving SEZ businesses advantages over non-SEZ businesses
  • Best practices and key concerns with the management of Lao SEZs.
  • Recommended provisions to add to the bill on:
    • Land concession rules
    • Recourse and sanctions for non-performance by SEZ developers or the state
    • Termination of concession agreements
    • Compensation for former landowners who have had property seized
    • Socially responsible labor regulation
    • One-stop shops
  • Taxation benchmarks from other East Asian SEZs
  • Customs documentary requirements
  • Necessary provisions for developer and operator agreements and concessions