Above: Aqaba Special Economic Zone, Jordan (read more)

Adapting international best practices to local contexts is our specialty. 

Locus Economica's core value is its ability to take lessons learned from international experience and apply those lessons to a country's unique political, economic, cultural, and geographic contexts. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to zones. Every country must identify its strategic priorities and develop its zone program accordingly. That is why Locus Economica's experts work closely with our local counterparts to craft a zones program well-suited for each country's needs.

These are the country's we've had the honor of serving as a firm since our founding in 2011. Locus Economica's consultants also bring with them decades of experience working with many other countries under assignments with other firms. Countries assisted in this manner are indicated with an asterisk.


Europe and Central Asia:

East Asia and Pacific:


Latin America & Caribbean:

South Asia: