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Designing Policy and Strategic Objectives
for Special Economic Zones Programs

Locus Economica recognizes that there is no one-size-fits all zones program; each country must craft its program according to its economic, political, and institutional realities and goals. Successful zones tend to align with broader national strategies and have a clear role in achieving those strategies.

That’s why our consultants work with senior government officials at the outset to help identify the aims of their zones. When a zone isn’t the right response or needs to be re-conceived, you can rely on us to frankly state it and help you guide the program toward success. 

Our policy services include:

(1)    Helping identify the overall development objectives of the country and the key constraints to progress;

(2)    Determining whether a zones program would be a good fit for easing those constraints and advancing those objectives;

(3)    Reviewing factors that have led to success and failure in other zones programs in similar contexts and with similar objectives; and

(4)    Drafting policy proposals and giving high-level presentations on the potential and priorities of proposed zones programs.