Advising on Jordan's Special Development Areas Law

Jordan's Development Areas. Image courtesy of the Jordan Investment Board and the OECD.

From 2007 to 2008, Locus founder and CEO Jean-Paul Gauthier advised the Government of Jordan on the drafting of its law establishing special development areas, including the King Hussein Bin Talal Development Area (Mafraq), the Irbid Development Area, the Ma'an Development Area, and the King Hussein Business Park. Jean-Paul also helped develop extensive market demand assessments for the King Hussein Bin Talal Development Area to identify ideal industry sectors to target, and drafted laws, regulations, interagency MoUs and SLAs for the program's implementation.

Jean-Paul's work built off his extensive involvement in the formation of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone from 2001-2005. The program intended to replicate and cascade the benefits of this zone, as well as of the Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZs).

His work on the development areas law was conducted while serving as a Senior Legal Advisor with Deloitte Consulting.