Building up Government Capacity to Break Down Administrative Barriers in Bangladesh

Skyscrapers in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Improving an investment climate requires committed and well-trained government officials ready to respond to business's needs. For that reason, the World Bank's Foreign Investment Advisory Service formed the Bangladesh Administrative Barriers to Investment Project. This project helped Bangladesh establish a Private Sector Development (PSD) Task Force (for high level government officials), a PSD Core Group (for mid level officials), and a Private Sector Consultative Group (for business leaders). 

In 2005, Locus Founder and CEO Jean-Paul Gauthier served as a senior advisor on this project, helping establish and train the PSD Core Group. His work helped develop reform-oriented leaders in Bangladesh and led to the establishment of the Bangladesh Investment Climate Fund, an eight-year multi-donor program to continue improvements to the country's regulatory environment and institutions. His work included:

  • Establishing and training the PSD Core Group
  • Assisted in targeting six carefully selected administrative processes for review
  • Demonstrated to the government of Bangladesh and other stakeholders one particular methodology for analyzing barriers to investment and for identifying and agreeing on possible reforms aimed at achieving improvements to the overall investment climate