Studying the Financial Structuring of Industrial Parks in sub-Saharan Africa

In 2018, Locus Economica was contracted, alongside PwC UK, by DFID's UK Aid to study the different terms and conditions of the financial structuring of industrial park deals in Africa. Jean-Paul helped produce a regional study for Invest Africa, UK Aid's initiative to promote FDI in manufacturing sectors in sub-Saharan Africa. The report, entitled "Planning, financing and managing industrial parks in sub-Saharan Africa," focused on identifying the best practices for the planning, structuring, specifications, financing, procurement and contracting, and managing and regulating industrial parks in sub-Saharan Africa. It provided 20 recommendations in these areas, drawing from a number of models and cases to enable policymakers to develop more successful industrial parks given their developmental objectives.

Helping Nepal Reach Middle-Income Status through SEZs

For the last several decades, Nepal's special economic zone (SEZ) program has intended to promote export-oriented manufacturing to help the country graduate to middle-income status.... Thus, in 2016, the DfID-supported Economic Policy Incubator (EPI) contracted Locus Economica to advise on the Nepal's SEZ program....