Update on Kenya's SEZ Legislation Development

A quick update on the progress the Kenyan government has been making on the regulatory and institutional framework for three new zones:  The Kenyan Cabinet has approved the new SEZ bill and policy, which is now under review by the Parliament.  We continue to provide strategic assistance to the project as Kenya develops a full legal and regulatory suite.  

As described on the Kenya 2030 site, the Government has proposed three potential locations:

  • A 2,000km2 SEZ in the Greater Mombassa area focusing on the importation of raw materials and the development of an agro-industrial zone, including fertilizer, coffee and tea, and fish processing.
  • A 700km2 SEZ in Kisumu encouraging limestone cement, chemicals, and agro-processing supporting horticulture along Lake Victoria.
  • A 700km2 SEZ in Lamu near the South Sudanese and Ethiopian border.