Rwanda Development Board Highly Recommends Locus Economica's CEO Jean-Paul Gauthier to UNIDO

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Mr. Naphtal Kazoora, manager of Rwanda's Special Economic Zones Regulatory Authority, this month issued a kind letter of support for Jean-Paul Gauthier's expertise in ongoing UNIDO-supported SEZ development assistance.

Mr. Kazoora's letter to UNIDO reads in part: "I am pleased to confirm that SEZAR would welcome further support to be provided by UNIDO in the form of advice and training to be provided by Dr Jean-Paul Gauthier, Senior Expert on Special Economic Zones (SEZ): Regulatory and Institutional Development Issues ... I would be grateful if UNIDO could proceed to contract Dr Gauthier as soon as possible."

See the full letter here.

Madagascar SEZ Bill Adopted

Ehoala Port, Fort Dauphin, Madagascar – the site of a proposed SEZ

Ehoala Port, Fort Dauphin, Madagascar – the site of a proposed SEZ

In July 2017, the Madagascar Council of Ministers adopted the SEZ Bill prepared with the technical assistance of Locus Economica in the 2015-2017 period. We had generous assistance from local counsel from the MCI law firm. The entire project was backed by funding from the World Bank Growth Poles Project.

Under the SEZ Law, which Locus Economica co-drafted, investors had, as of November 2017, signed MoUs with Rio Tinto’s Ehoala Business Park (constructed at a cost of $256 million) projected to create 1,000 jobs.

Konza Techno City Drives Kenya Closer to a Knowledge-Based Economy

Locus congratulates Kenya's Konza Techno City, which recently signed an agreement with the government of South Korea to establish a public research university valued at US$100 million. The Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Kaist) will establish the university, helping Kenya achieve its goal of developing information and communication technology industries. Locus founder and CEO Jean-Paul Gauthier provided assistance to Konza City ...

Zones as Engines of Opportunity for Migrants and Host Communities

Locus Economica is pleased to support the NGO Refugee Cities as a preferred cause this holiday season. Refugee Cities exists to use zones as a response to the migration crisis.  A refugee city would be a special economic zone (SEZ) in which migrants could legally work, start their own businesses, and train in new skills. ...

What makes for a successful special economic zone?

Locus Economica consultants Jean-Paul Gauthier and Harold Godsoe were featured in Global Finance Magazine's great recent article, "Special Economic Zones:  Who Wins, Who Loses?." In the article, Jean-Paul and Harold contributed to an excellent summary of the policies that tend to produce successful zones and the policies that undermine success.  Here is just a quick sketch: ...

Assisting the Reform of Pakistan's SEZs and Industrial Estates

In June 2015, Locus Economica was pleased to consult the Pakistan Ministry of Commerce on revisions to its special economic zones (SEZ) program.  Working under contract with the World Bank Jobs and Competitiveness Program, we thoroughly reviewed and provided recommendations on Pakistan's current SEZ policy and institutions, including its SEZ Act and implementing Rules. ...

Locus Economica Offers Strategic Assistance to Kenyan MPs

Members of Kenya's Parliamentary Departmental Committee on Trade, Finance, and Planning discussed amendments to Kenya's new Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Bill during a retreat in Mombassa last week.  Locus Economica Managing Director, Jean-Paul Gauthier was asked to attend on behalf of the World Bank's International Finance Corporation (IFC) to speak on some of the key strengths and potential areas for improvement in the current version of the Bill. ...

Dawei SEZ Advancing Reforms in Myanmar through Japan-Myanmar-Thailand Partnership

Last week, the governments of Myanmar, Thailand, and Japan agreed to develop a major special economic zone (SEZ) in the strategic port town of Dawei, Myanmar.  The agreement appears to be another major step in Myanmar's efforts over the last few years to liberalize its economy and society and increase investor confidence.

Piloting reforms is one of the most important purposes SEZs serve. ...

Update on Kenya's SEZ Legislation Development

A quick update on the progress the Kenyan government has been making on the regulatory and institutional framework for three new zones:  The Kenyan Cabinet has approved the new SEZ bill and policy, which is now under review by the Parliament.  We continue to provide strategic assistance to the project as Kenya develops a full legal and regulatory suite.  ...

Japan's Quest to Pilot Social and Economic Reforms through Special Economic Zones

As reported by the Economist, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has proposed an interesting new use for special economic zones.  Special Economic Zones ("SEZs") have been famously used as pilots for testing proposed economic reforms before they are enacted throughout an entire country.  Under to Prime Minister Abe's plan, however, SEZs would be used to test out a broad range of social reforms ...