Enhancing the Global Competitiveness of East and Central Africa

Industrial Park in Ethiopia

Industrial Park in Ethiopia

Locus founder and CEO Jean-Paul Gauthier served as Project Manager and Team Lead for the establishment of the USAID East and Central Africa Global Competitiveness Hub (ECA Hub). 

The ECA Hub is an online platform known as "Compete Africa" that supports businesses in East and Central Africa and helps them capitalize off opportunities under the Africa Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA). The hub provides:

  • Direct connections with US firms to promote supply chains;
  • Targeted technical assistance;
  • Removal of business development constraints;
  • Education about AGOA opportunities for private-sector groups and associations
  • Business networking opportunities at trade shows, business-to-business events, conferences, and more.

Jean-Paul helped lead the development of the ECA Hub from 2003-2004 and again from 2007-2008 while working with Deloitte Consulting